For optimal CONSERVATION our products must be kept i at a temperature of -18 ° C, closed in the pan, protected from light and odors from the fridge.
The less we subject the pan to temperature changes, the better the preservation of taste and product texture.


The correct temperature for TASTING is around -15 / -13 ° C when the taste buds are in able to savor all the aromas that are released and the ice cream is creamy and delicate on the palate.
To fully enjoy the characteristics of our products, we recommend serving them very soft, portioning them a few minutes before consumption.
I more impatient can put the cup in the microwave for a few seconds making sure that the product does not dissolve quickly.

The ice cream will arrive very frozen, as the dry ice present in the sublime package at -78 ° C. We advise you to put the trays in the freezer and wait 12/24 hours so that it can be portioned again.

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