How do we ship your products?

Fruits ice cream and bulk ice cream are always shipped as soon as they are produced as we do not stock the warehouse but we produce when ordering.

Package preparation

Having to ship perishable and at the same time delicate products such as our ice creams, we have chosen for you the best packaging systems which are composed of high density polystyrene containers, reusable and thermostated by means of dry ice, in an adequate quantity to protect the product quality up to over 48/72 hours for shipments to Italy.

Ours is an ongoing challenge against couriers who, by handling hundreds of thousands of parcels every year, do not reserve particular care in handling them, often mistreating them.

In over 25 years of shipping, we have managed to overcome almost all of these challenges by bringing the most delicate products to people's tables.

Our packaging is obviously all studied and above all tested, before it can be used for shipments; sometimes behind a simple package there are also months of research.


Our products are shipped in full compliance with the HACCP regulations in force (D.L..155 of 25-05.97), and are transported in a sterile environment as the carbon dioxide with which the dry ice is formed, exerts a bacteriological action. Dry ice subliminating during transport does not leave any residual moisture and condensation inside the box.

We have a manual that guarantees and certifies our temperature-controlled transport available for our customers.

Orders are shipped with national and international express couriers such as DHL - TNT - SDA which guarantee delivery in 24-48 hours almost all over the world.

We would also like to make you aware that our ice cream is a delicate food, we have studied the best packaging and delivery conditions that can guarantee you the perfect product both in terms of taste and microbiological level. Once the package has been collected by the courier, the package must be deposited in the home freezer, it is important not to leave it in the places that do not guarantee the seal of the product.

We guarantee absolute integrity of the frozen product until it arrives at your home.

By providing us with your data including the mobile phone number, our staff will notify you of the shipment, providing you with the tracking number to be able to monitor the shipment in real time.

Afraid that something will not go well?

Don't worry, we will solve it immediately! In fact, we invite you, in case of a problem, to contact us immediately without hesitation!

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